Louis Sergeant

A contemporary Salon de Thé - where modern gastronomy meets tradition. Your Chef de Pâtisserie will delight your senses. Experience the true craft of pastry as Louis Sergeant innovates sweet and savoury delights into delicious works of edible art.

We offer something for everyone. Dine-in with our exquisite tea-sets and personal service, or takeaway a gift to yourself or someone else in our gorgeous packaging… whatever you decide. Come and see us. Treat yourself.

Did you know…. In the early 1800s, ladies in Paris weren’t allowed into cafes without the presence of men? Pastry shops started to open tearooms, so ladies could catch up on all the gossip over tea and sweet treats. A great success for the ladies – they could finally enjoy their freedom in the tearoom rather than being confined to their homes!

Special Occasions

If you're planning a special occasion, come and talk to us. We'll personalise every detail to suit your needs. Whether it’s a wedding, a hen’s party, an anniversary, a special dinner party - or you want to try one of Louis’ famous high teas, we promise you a delicious experience.

There’s nothing we can’t help with.

Let’s talk… (04) 499 8475


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